Bold and Black: The wall-color trend that is getting all the buzz

White walls are classic — crisp, clean, bright — for good reason. They are utterly neutral, meaning you can get more colorful with all your furnishings, art and accessories. But white’s polar opposite is trending for the walls in homes: black. Yes, people are painting their walls — and cabinets and sometimes the exteriors of their homes — black, and loving it. Why? Against black paint, your art and furnishings will dramatically pop — making your home feel instantly more sophisticated. The inky dark tone will lend a space a cozy feel, too, but without making it feel cramped. In fact, rich black walls (like any deep, dark hue) can seemingly dissolve the physical boundaries of a room because the eye will perceive the space as larger than it really is.

So, how exactly can you incorporate this trend? Here, we walk you through some clever ways to bring black into your home.

Pick an accent wall or two

If painting all four walls of a room black seems intimidating, pick just one wall. And, if you’re intrigued by the idea of a black accent wall, pick either the largest wall in the room or the one where your biggest statement piece is (i.e., your fireplace or sofa). Or, paint two adjoining walls black for a dramatic corner effect. For maximum punch, contrast your new accent wall — or walls — with white walls and ceilings, then layer in bright-colored décor or all-white pieces. A black accent wall also makes the perfect backdrop for a gallery wall, so get framing!

black wall paint accent wall

Paint a whole room black

Painting a whole room black can look — and feel — positively amazing. If you decide to go for it, make sure that you pick a spacious enough room, ideally with higher ceilings. A room with large windows — and therefore good natural light — is also best. Then, contrast your new paint job with lighter décor items, tiled or wood floors and plenty of plants.

Add black details

If you love the idea of black paint but don’t have a room in your home that easily lends itself to the full treatment, a great alternative is to paint only the doors, window frames, moldings or even cabinets in a room black. This works well for a laundry room, for instance. Another idea is to go for two-toned walls, painting just the top or bottom half of your walls black, and the other half white. The contrast will be quite elegant — and is sure to impress your guests.

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