Fall Maintenance Checklist for Texas Homeowners

As the leaves start to change color and the temperature starts to cool down, it’s time to start thinking about fall maintenance for your home. Here in Texas, we may not have to worry about shoveling snow, but there are still some important tasks to take care of around the house before winter sets in. This checklist will help you make sure you’ve got all your bases covered.

1. Inspect your roof and gutters. Look for any damaged or missing shingles, and make sure your gutters are clean and free of debris. If you have any doubts about your ability to do this safely, hire a professional to take care of it for you.

2. Give your AC unit a tune-up. scheduling a pre-season checkup with a qualified technician can help prevent problems later on down the road.

3. Check your window and door seals. Seeing any gaps or cracks? Now is the time to seal them up before cold air starts coming in from outside.

4. Drain your sprinklers and outdoor faucets. This will help prevent them from freezing and bursting once the temperatures start to dip at night.

5. Trim trees and shrubs around your home. Overhanging branches can damage your roof in a storm, so it’s best to trim them back before they become a problem.

6. Bring in any outdoor furniture or decorations that you won’t be using over the next few months. Leaving them out in the elements will shorten their lifespan and make them more likely to blow away in a storm.

7. Inspect your home’s exterior siding and paint for any signs of wear and tear. Touching up any areas that need it now will help protect your home from water damage later on down the road.

8. Schedule a chimney sweep if you have a fireplace.. Sweeping away any built-up soot and debris will help prevent fires when you start using your fireplace again next season

9. Have your furnace serviced by a professional.. Making sure everything is in good working order before you start using it regularly will help prevent problems—and costly repairs—later on down the road..

10 .Change your smoke alarm batteries.. You should be doing this every 6 months anyway, but it’s especially important to do it now before you start using your fireplace more frequently..

11 .It’s also a good idea to stock up on supplies like firewood, rock salt, and ice melt just in case we have a particularly harsh winter as we’ve had in the past couple years.. That way you’ll be prepared for anything!

12 .Last but not least, don’t forget to schedule a game plan for taking care of all those holiday decorating duties! Setting aside some time now will help prevent things from getting too hectic later on down the road..

Fall is a great time of year to get ahead of some of those big maintenance tasks around the house so you can enjoy the holiday season stress-free! By following this checklist, you’ll be sure that you’ve got everything taken care of before winter sets in here in Texas.



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