Tips for Making Your Guest Bathroom a Real Asset

Since you probably don’t typically use it yourself, your guest bath may have been near the bottom of your priority list when decorating your home. But, this room can make a huge difference in how welcome your guests feel — whether they have come for dinner or for a whole weekend. What’s more, if you are selling your home, a great guest bathroom or powder room can impress potential buyers who come for an open house or private showing. If you have a ho-hum guest bath that needs an upgrade, here are some must-try ideas for turning it into a serene sanctuary. Your guests will thank you — and potential homebuyers will pick up on the graciousness of the home.

Go for a restful palette

It’s best not to overwhelm guests with lots of patterns and bright colors. Instead, keep their bathroom to a more neutral palette, employing whites, beiges, pale grays or very light colors for the walls, and crisp whites for the sinks and bathtubs. Complement these neutral shades with quietly hued wooden, metallic or marble accents for the cabinets, floors and decorative elements. Not only will your guests appreciate a calming, coordinated look, but also it will make the bathroom seem neat and spacious — no matter how much space you actually have.

Play with mirrors

Mirrors are such a versatile décor element to work with. Since they come in all shapes and sizes, large or small, framed or not, they can add dimension to a small room, texture to a sleek room and light to every room. (And, what’s a bathroom without a mirror for primping and preparing?) There is room to get really creative here: Instead of hanging one mirror above the sink, you could hang several — in different shapes — or even cover an entire wall in mirrors.

Provide plenty of storage options

While staying with you, your guests will need to set their toiletry and makeup bags down, as well as any items they need for their evening and morning routines. Make sure they have plenty of space to do that besides just the edges of the sink. Have shelves put in near the sink or in the shower, and leave room on any existing ledges you may have affixed to the walls. You can also provide small storage bins or baskets during their visit.

Pile up the fluffy, fresh towels

Everyday towels can get a little rough and ratty after too many turns through the washing machine. When it comes to hosting guests, providing fresh, fluffy, new towels is a must — it makes a world of difference when it comes to hospitality — so purchase sets for use in the guest bath only. You’ll need bath sheets, bath towels, washcloths and at least one hand towel. When you have guests staying over, make stacks of one folded bath sheet, one folded bath towel and one folded washcloth and place the stacks on the counters, and perhaps another stack by the bed.

Supply any uh-oh toiletry essentials

A guest realizing they’ve forgotten a grooming essential — they remembered the toothbrush but forgot the toothpaste — is an unpleasant little experience. Remedy this by providing them with all the necessary essentials. Always have a new toothbrush and new toothpaste ready for them, as well as shower gel, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, cotton pads and any other creature comforts you can think of. (Think about everything you’d need to get ready for bed and to wake up on the right foot and have all of it waiting for your guests when they arrive.) You can either arrange it all together on the bathroom counter — the more attractive the packaging, the better — or arrange it all in a little basket or box left on their bed.

Play with the senses

You want your guest bath to look aesthetically pleasing — but, take it a step further by engaging all of your guests’ senses. A bathroom that smells refreshing or soothing is a balm to the soul after traveling, so place a scented candle, fragrance diffuser or luxe room spray in there, ready for your guests. You could also provide them with bubble bath or a salt scrub in a soothing scent. Other thoughtful additions? A soft bathmat and speakers for your guests to plug their phones into. Extra points: A fine, wrapped chocolate or mint on their bedroom pillow is a simple gesture that will make them feel as if they’re staying at a luxurious hotel — especially after stepping out nice and refreshed from their hot shower or bath.

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